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Idukki is one of the most beautiful places in Kerala for all kind of tourism activities such as adventure tourism, trekking, off-road etc. There are more and more places added to the tourism map of Idukki from time to time that attracts a lot of people. Idukki have many tourists hubs like Thekkady, Munnar, Vagamon etc and today we are introducing another tourism hub in Idukki district. It’s none other than Vannapuram.

Vannapuram is a small tourism hub in Idukki district near Thodupuzha with a lot of beautiful tourist destinations scattered within a few kilometers. Some of you have heard of these places, but today we are going to talk more on Vannapuram tourist places that are worth a visit.

Anayadikuthu Waterfalls

Anayadikuthu waterfalls

Anayadikuthu waterfalls

Anayadikuth Waterfalls or Anachadikuthu Waterfalls is one of the picturesque waterfalls in Idukki District of Kerala. It is one of the less explored and beautiful waterfalls in Idukki district.

There are different stories revolving around the name of this waterfalls. One of it states that earlier the wild elephants usual roam here for water and one day one of these elephants lose its control, fell in the waterfall and dies which resulted in the name Aanchadikuthu Waterfalls. Another story states that long back two elephants fought here, and one got fallen into the waterfalls, which eventually resulted in the name Anachadikuthu Waterfalls. And the name Anachadikuthu Waterfalls was later converted to Aanyadikuthu Waterfalls.

Not sure which is the right story behind the name, but Aanayadikuthu Waterfalls is one of the best waterfalls in Idukki.

  • Anayadikuthu Waterfalls is just 2kms away from Thommankuthu Waterfalls.
  • Anayadikuthu Waterfalls is about 8km from Vannapuram.

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Kattadikadavu View Point

Kattadikadavu View Point

Kattadikadavu is one of the arising trekking destinations near Vannapuram in Idukki District of Kerala. The viewpoint is about a 1-2 km journey from the main road, which can be accessed by foot only. KattadiKadavu is one of the promising destinations in Idukki with its panoramic view of hills and misty atmosphere.

Mamuniyara is a cave, just a step down from Kattadikadavu View Point. It also offers a panoramic view of the entire area like the other viewpoints here.

  • Few smalls shops are there at the base station of Kattadikadavu.
  • There are no entry fees at Kattadikadavu but the entry timing is limited between 6.00 am-6.00 pm.
  • There are three viewpoints at Kattadikadavu.
  • People of all age groups visit this place frequently, though the first 100-200 meters of the ascent is steep.
  • Kattadikadavu is about 10km from Vannapuram
  • KattadiKadavu is about 12km from Thommankuthu Waterfalls.

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Kottappara View Point:

Kottappara view Point or simply Vannappuram viewpoint is one of the newest addition to tourism map of Idukki. Kottppara is about 4kms from Vannapuram is offers a misty sunrise view without much trekking to the viewpoint.

  • Best time to visit Kottapara View Point is from 5.am – 7.00am (in order to enjoy the cloudy sunrise)
  • Few small shops are available here for tea/coffee & snacks.

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Meenuliyan Para

Meenuliyan Para_ Arial View

Meenuliyan Para_ Arial View

Meenuliyan Para is a dense evergreen forest at the top of the Meenuliyan Para rock. Meenuliyan Para is about 2900feet above the sea level and is situated near Vannupuram in Idukki district. The evergreen forest at Meenuliyan Para has covered up an area of 2 acres and is rich in flora and fauna. More than 27 species of plants are found here in which 8 are found only in the Western Ghats.

The surface of the mountain looks like fish scales and hence got the name ‘Meenuliyan Para’.

  • Meenuliyan Para is about 13km from Vannapuram.
  • A trek of about 15-20mis is required to reach the top of the peak.
  • A small shop is present at the base station of Meenuliyan Para.

ThommanKuthu Waterfalls:

Thommankuthu waterfalls

Thommankuthu waterfalls

Thommankuth Waterfall is a seven-step waterfall which attracts nature lovers and adventure seekers to enrich the essence of nature. Major attractions at Thommankuthu are trekking through the forest and the picturesque Thommankuthu waterfalls.

The trail offers an amazing walk through the lush green jungle that offers plenty of scope for adventure tourism in Idukki district.

  • Entry to Thommankuthu waterfall is between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM
  • Thommankuthu Trekking is also available on request. For this, you have to contact the reception of Thommankuthu eco-tourism.
  • Thommankuthu to Thodupuzha is about 12km

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Nakkayam Waterfalls

Nakkayam Waterfalls_ Vannapuram

Nakkayam Waterfalls_ Vannapuram

Nakkayam Waterfalls is about 13kms from Vannapuram, near to Kattadikadavu. It’s a hidden destination that most of the people aren’t aware of. There are two waterfalls here at Nakkayam namely – the Nakkayam Waterfalls and Chekuthankuthu.

Few interesting caves such as Nakkayam Cave, Chekuthan Kuthu Cave, Plapothu Cave are present here. With the permission of the forest authorities, you can visit these places.

  • Nakkayam Waterfalls is situated close to Thommankuthu Waterfalls


Vannappuram is also the nearest town for other less explored destinations in Idukki including Palkulamedu, etc. Love Photography & Travel? Sign up for our newsletter and stay updated with the latest articles. Feel free to follow us on FacebookInstagramYoutube as well as on Twitter.

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