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Himachal Pradesh has always been considered as “The Paradise for trekkers and bikers”. This state is not just a well known religious center of the country but it also attracts a huge number of adventure enthusiast to many of its locations spread over the Himalayan range. One such popular location in Himachal Pradesh is Rohtang Pass the gateway to Lahaul and Spiti Valley.

Rohtang pass is a high altitude mountain pass which is situated at an elevation of 13050 ft in the Pir Pranjal Range of the Eastern Himalayan Region. The word Rohtang stands for  ‘Ground of Corpses’ due to the number of people who have lost their lives trying to cross this pass in the past. This high altitude pass is known for connecting Kullu Valley with the Spiti Lahaul valley of Himachal Pradesh.

Rohtang Pass is famous for the snake-like path accompanied by snow-capped mountains. It gives you a mesmerizing vista of the Himalayan Peaks along with the overlook of Kullu valley on one side and Spiti  Lahaul Valley on the other side.

Just beyond the stunning Rohtang pass are the Sonapani Glacier and the twin peak of Gaypan, which is known for its panoramic view and peaceful atmosphere. Rohtang pass is also one of the highest visited location during summer season. It is an ideal place for all kind of snow based adventure sports and bike rides.

Quick Facts about Rohtang Pass:

  • Name: Rohtang Pass
  • Name In Hindi: रोहतांग पास
  • State: Himachal Pradesh
  • District: Kullu
  • Elevation: 13,050 ft
  • Temperature: Summer 10°C to 25°C, Winter -15°C to 12°C.
  • Annual Rainfall: 45 mm ( on an average)
  • Distance from Manali: 51 kilometers

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Rohtang Pass is Famous For?

Rohtang Pass Manali Landscape

Rohtang Pass Manali Landscape |  Photo by Achiwiki356 (cc by-sa 3.0)

Rohtang Pass attract a huge number of adventure enthusiasts for adventure sports such as ice- scooter, skiing, ice-skating, paragliding etc. As the entire pass is full of snow-capped hills, dangerous valleys and amazing greenery of Deodar forest accompanied by high waterfalls and a scenic vista of Himalayan Ranges, it is also known as biker’s delight.

The complete Rohtang pass route is considered a dangerous path with few hairpin-like sharp turns accompanied by snow-capped mountains. The route is carved out of the mountain making it really spine-chilling to drive through. On reaching the Rohtang Pass one can enjoy the view of the Sonapani Glacier and the twin peak of Gaypan.

Rohtang pass is also strategically important for the Ministry of Defense being an important route used by Indian Army. This route is used for delivering the grocery and the ammunition to the soldiers via Leh to the border areas and especially to Kargil sector during summers.

Best time to visit Rohtang Pass: 

As Rohtang Pass is situated in a high altitude of the great Himalayan range, hence the pass and its nearby area experience heavy snowfall during the winters. Heavy snowfalls cover the route entirely making it impossible to carve out the actual route.  Hence the pass remains closed from Mid- November till Late February/ March.

The best time to visit Rohtang pass is from May to Mid- October. Even though the climate remains cold but the route is safer for travelers. During this season, all kind of adventure sports is organized and bikers also make their journey to and fro Ladakh via Rohtang Pass.

What is Rohtang Pass Permit?

Rohtang Pass traffic block

Rohtang Pass traffic block | Photo By Achiwiki356 (cc by-sa 3.0)

For tourism purpose at the Rohtang pass or to travel through Rohtang pass, it has become mandatory to obtain Rohtang Pass Permit. This permit is actually the tax to be paid by the tourist or traveler for their vehicle to visit or cross the Rohtang Pass and it has nothing to do with the number of tourists/ travelers.

It is said that Rohtang Pass and its nearby areas have been recognized to have an adverse effect on Global Warming for a few years. After the intervention of National Green Tribunal (NGT) in 2014, which was concerned about the fragile ecology of this area, the Rohtang Pass permit became mandatory for traveler visiting this place.

As per the National Green Tribunal, the number of vehicles for tourism purpose in Rohtang Laa Pass  is restricted to:

  • 860 petrol vehicles per day
  • 440 diesel vehicles per day

Previously there was no restriction to the number of vehicles that can go beyond the Rohtang pass but since 2017 as per the latest amendments, only 900 vehicles per day can cross (go beyond) Rohtang pass, based on the daily quota defined by NGT /District Administration.

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Different Types of Rohtang Pass Permit:

Basically, there are three different types of permits for Rohtang Laa pass:

  • Rohtang Pass Permit: This permit is applicable to all those vehicles traveling towards Rohtang pass for tourism purpose. This tax is applicable on daily basis and accordingly, the permits are issued based on daily quota defined by National Green Tribunal(NGT)/District Administration. The tourism permit is valid for one day only (To & Fro).  In a week (From Wednesday to Monday) only 3 permits can be obtained for each vehicle under this permit.
  • Special Rohtang Pass Permit: This permit is applicable to all those vehicles traveling towards Rohtang pass for tourism purpose but unlike the Rohtang Pass permit, the Special Rohtang pass permit is issued once to one vehicle during the entire season.
  • Beyond Rohtang Pass Permit: This permit is applicable to all the vehicles traveling beyond Rohtang Hence, only the Congestion charges of INR 50 is required to be paid in order to obtain the permit.

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Guidelines for Rohtang Pass Permit:

  • Rohtang Pass permit is valid only for a single day (To & Fro).
  • Rohtang pass remains closed on Tuesdays for maintenance purposes.
  • For motorbikes Beyond Rohtang Permit is only allowed. This means you can’t stop your bike in the middle of the pass and then return back.
  • If you travel back the same day with the Beyond Rohtang Permit, a fine of INR 5000/- will be collected from you.

Additional Info:

Where to Stay in Rohtang Pass?

The Himachal Pradesh Tourism Department Corporation or simply HPTDC  have many budgets hotels and guesthouses in Himachal Pradesh. One among them is the Rohtang Manalsu near Rohtang Pass. More details of HPTDC  Rohtang Manalsu is as below:

Name: The Rohtang Manalsu
Address: The Rohtang Manalsu, Manali, Himachal Pradesh


Contact Number: (01902) – 2523 32, 253723
Email Id: [email protected]
Online Booking: HPTDC Rohtang Manalsu Online Booking
Location: (Google Map) https://goo.gl/vB5aac

Facts about Rohtang Laa (Pass):

Now lets look into some of the Interesting facts on Rohtang Pass that you might not be aware of:

Name: Rohtang Pass
Other Name: The ground of Corpses
Name In Hindi: रोहतांग पास
Location: Eastern Himalayan Range
District: Kullu
Pin Code: 175131
Known For: Trekking and Biking
Elevation:  13,050 ft
Temperature: Summer 10°C to 25°C, Winter -15°C to 12°C.
Annual Rainfall: 45 mm ( on an average)
Distance from Manali: 51 kilometers
Nearest Railway station: Joginder Nagar  (103 kilometers)
Nearest Airport: Bhuntar  Airport (104 Kilometres)
Best Time to visit: May to October
Official Website: HPTDC Official Website


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