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Rohtang Pass is an important asset of Himachal Pradesh Tourism. This snow clad pass is situated at an elevation of 13500 ft and connects the Kullu Valley to the Spiti- Lahaul Valley thereby acts as a Gateway to Leh.  Rohtang Pass is very much known for its zig-zag route that brings a lot of adventure and acts as the best location in entire Kullu- Manali for some of the major ice based adventure sports along with the overlook of complete Himalayan range.

The ice- scooter, skiing, ice-skating, paragliding etc are the popular sports at Rohtang Pass and every year a large number of tourists visit Rohtang pass for these adventure sports.  But, in order to travel or visit Rohtang Pass, one needs to obtain the Rohtang Pas Permit/ Special Rohtang Pass Permit/ Beyond Rohtang Pass permit.

Without the permit, access to Rohtang Pass is strictly prohibited.  In this article, we will be talking about all the necessary details associated with the Rohtang Pass permit and help you to plan your next trip towards Rohtang Pass accordingly.

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What is Rohtang Pass Permit:

Before 2014, any number of vehicles could have a access to or travel beyond Rohtang Pass. But the scenario has changed over the past few years. Rohtang Pass and its nearby areas are experiencing a lot of landslides and unnatural sudden waterfalls erupting here and there due to the melting of snow. During the 90’s or mid 20’s Rohtang pass and its nearby peaks were known to have carpeted with snow for almost the entire year.

But now, snow is melting at a higher rate and it has been recognized that Rohtang pass and its nearby areas are severely facing the adverse effect of Global Warming. To minimize the contrary effect of global warming and curb the brittle ecology of the Rohtang pass and its nearby areas (especially due to pollution), in 2014, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) has come up with the special intrusion as the Rohtang Pass Permit.

This permit is nothing but the tax to be paid by the tourist or traveler for their vehicle to visit or travel beyond the Rohtang pass. In order to travel via or for the purpose of tourism at Rohtang pass, it is mandatory to obtain the Rohtang Pass Permit.

The NGT has also restricted the number of vehicles that can visit Rohtang pass in a day.  This daily limit is also helping the authorities to maintain and keep a check to the environmental and atmospheric conditions of this entire valley. From 2014 till early 2017, the number of vehicles that can visit the Rohtang pass was 1200 per day. In which 800 petrol vehicles and 400 diesel vehicles were allowed in a day.

As per the NGT directions dated June 19, 2017, daily limit of vehicles that can go to Rohtang has been increased from 1,200 to 1,300 vehicles. Of the total, 1,200 permits can be issued to Himachal or non-Himachal vehicles but 75 permits will be reserved for non-Himachal vehicles and 25 permits will be reserved for Himachal vehicles other than registered in Kullu district. As per the National Green Tribunal’s guidelines, the number of vehicles for tourism purpose  is:

  • 860 petrol vehicles per day
  • 440 diesel vehicles per day

The permits can be obtained online in 2-time frames:

  • 10:00 hrs (220 Diesel and 430 Petrol)
  • 16:00 hrs (220 Diesel and 430 Petrol)

Note: The above-stated number of vehicles per day also includes the number of vehicles allowed under the Special Rohtang pass permit. This type of Permit (Special Rohtang Pass permit) is issued once to one vehicle during the entire season. Only 60 petrol vehicles and 40 Diesel Vehicles are permitted to go Rohtang Daily under the Special Rohtang Pass Permit.

Apart from tourism purpose at Rohtang Pass, prior to 2017, there was no restriction to the number of vehicles that can go beyond the Rohtang pass. Now, as per the latest amendments by NGT in 2017, only 900 vehicles per day can cross (go beyond) Rohtang pass. There is no such restriction on the number of bikes that can travel beyond Rohtang Pass.

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Rohtang Pass Permit Cost:

To visit Rohtang Pass, one has to pay INR 500 per vehicle ( Car, Jeep, MUV, Bus, HMV) to obtain the  Rohtang Pass Permit or the Special Rohtang Pass Permit. Also, a congestion charge of INR 50 is applicable in order to cross the Gulaba Bridge. For vehicles going beyond Rohtang Pass, only the congestion charge for crossing Gulaba bridge is needed and you will obtain the permit. In case you are planning to travel on a motorbike ( Bike, LMV, Passenger vehicle) beyond the Rohtang Pass, the permit is obtained by paying just INR 50 as the congestion charge for using Gulaba Bridge.

Note: The Permit for tourism purpose at Rohtang Pass on a motorbike is strictly prohibited. Motorbikes are only allowed to cross the Rohtang Pass either To or Fro in a day. So, make sure not to return via Rohtang pass the same day to avoid the fine of INR 5000 on being caught.

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How to Book Rohtang Pass Permit Online:

It is very easy to obtain the Rohtang Pass permit through the online portal of Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Council. Visit the website: http://admis.hp.nic.in/ngtkullu/

Then choose your desirable permit among :

  • Rohtang Pass Permit 
  • Special Rohtang Pass Permit
  • Beyond Rohtang Pass

Click on the desirable option that will lead you to another page, from where you can check all the guidelines ( mentioned above), availability for your desired date and then click on “Click to proceed for Online Payment of Tax/ Fee”

On clicking the above link (option), it will redirect you to another page, where you are required to fill all necessary details asked about your vehicle and about the day on which you would like to visit Rohtang Pass along with basic personal details. Then click on the proceed option to pay the amount and obtain the permit.

Quik links for booking permit:

Other important details :

  • The tourism permit is valid for one day only (To & Fro).
  • A valid ID Proof, RC book, driving license is a must.
  • Valid Pollution Under Check (PUC) Certificate.
  • Vehicle Registration Date (Age of vehicle not to be more than 10 yrs).
  •  Tourist Address Details is required.
  • Print out of the Permit is very essential.
  • Under Special Rohtang Permit: Permit is issued once to one vehicle during the entire season.
  • Under Rohtang Pass Permit: In a week (From Wednesday to Monday) only 3 permits can be obtained for each vehicle.
  • For Motorbikes: In a week (Wednesday to Monday) only 2 permits can be obtained for each vehicle.

Note: No permit is required to travel from Leh/Lahaul-Spiti valley towards Manali. In case, the tourist is visiting Rohtang Pass for tourism purpose then the Permit is mandatory as per the NGT guidelines. Also, the permit can only be taken or is applicable till the next 6 dates from the day of booking.

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How to book Rohtang Pass Permit Offline:

In case the online portal of the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Council has been interpreted due to some reason or you are unable to get the permit only, then one can opt for offline mode for obtaining the permit. One can obtain the permit from the check- post which is present near the Rohtang Pass entry gate.

The permit can also be obtained by visiting the SDM office which is present in the Manali town. The amount or necessary documents for the permit remains same for both online and offline mode.

Rohtang Pass Permit Inquiry/Contact Details:

For more info or on any inquiry you can contact the Office of The Deputy Commissioner Kullu (HP) at [email protected]

Or contact the Marketing Office at:

The Mall, Manali -175131
Tel: (01902) 253531, Fax: (01902) 252325
E-mail: [email protected]

Or Contact the Corporate Office at :

H.P. Tourism Development Corporation Ltd.
Ritz Annexe, Shimla
Himachal Pradesh – 171 001
Tel: 0177- 2652704
Fax: 0177- 2652206
E-mail: [email protected]
Website : www.hptdc.nic.in

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    Hi…the information provided here is very helpful. Thanks for all your effort. Many of my doubtes has already been cleared after reading this post.
    I am planning to visit Leh through the Manali route next week.
    I m trying to get the online pass under “beyond Rohtang pass” category but I am unable to book it as every time it’s showing the message “Either Window for Applying Permit is Closed or Quota Finished”.

    Will I be able to get this pass at Gulaba post instantly?

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