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Rohtang pass is famous for connecting the Kullu Valley to Spiti -Lahaul Valley of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated at an altitude of 13050 ft through the snow-bedded path of Eastern Pir – Pranjal Range of the Himalaya. Being heavily covered with snow, adventure sports such as ice- scooter, skiing, ice-skating, paragliding etc attract a huge number of adventure enthusiasts to Rohtang Pass every year.

The entire pass is full of snow-capped hills, dangerous valleys and amazing greenery of Deodar forest accompanied by high waterfalls and a scenic vista of Himalayan Ranges.

Manali Rohtang Pass

Marhi – Manali to Rohtang Pass | Photo by Achiwiki356 (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Every year the number of travelers visiting Rohtang pass increases and from time to time there are changes in the rule for visiting Rohtang. And here we would like to answer the top 10 questions asked for Rohtang Pass. Hope this will helps you in planning your trip without any worries.

How do we get Permission for Rohtang Pass?

To visit or travel beyond Rohtang Pass, it is necessary to obtain the Rohtang Pass permit. Permits are available near the check post of Rohtang pass, where the permit is distributed on the basis of availability and the daily limit of vehicles that can visit or pass through Rohtang, described by National Green Tribunal(NGT).

The permits can also be booked through the online portal of Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Council. In case if all other booking modes are unavailable due to any reason, then it is required to visit the SDM office at the Manali Town to obtain the permit.

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Is there any restriction on Tourist Vehicles to Rohtang Pass?

Yes, Daily only 860 petrol and 440 diesel vehicles can visit Rohtang pass. As per the NGT directions dated June 19, 2017, daily limit of vehicles that can go to Rohtang has been increased from 1,200 to 1,300 vehicles.

Of the total, 1,200 permits can be issued to Himachal or non-Himachal vehicles but 75 permits will be reserved for non-Himachal vehicles and 25 permits will be reserved for Himachal vehicles other than registered in Kullu district.

Vehicle registration number, registration date, pollution under control certificate issuing authority and expiry date, type of engine (petrol or diesel), driver name and driving license number are mandatory for getting the permit. Vehicles older than 10 years are not allowed to go to Rohtang pass.

There are 3 types of Rohtang Pass permit:

  • Special Rohtang Permit: Only for private vehicles and the Permit is issued once per vehicle during the entire season.
  • Rohtang Pass Permit: In a week only 3 permits can be obtained for each vehicle.
  • Beyond Rohtang Pass: For all type of vehicles (including private tourist vehicles) for going beyond Rohtang Pass to visit Leh – Ladakh or Lahaul – Spiti Valley. In a week only 2 permits can be obtained for a vehicle.

Note: Rohtang Pass remains closed on Tuesday’s for maintenance purpose and no permits will be issued on that day.

What is the Entry Fee for Rohtang Pass?

All the vehicles (exclusively for tourism purpose at Rohtang) are required to pay INR 500 per permit and INR 50   as congestion tax(all vehicles that travel via or for the purpose of tourism at Rohtang pass) for crossing Gulaba bridge. This charge is applicable To and Fro.

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Do I need a separate permit for Rohtang and beyond Rohtang?

Yes. The Permit for traveling beyond Rohtang pass and the permit for the tourism purpose at Rohtang pass is separate. The Daily limit for the number of vehicles allowed to cross Rohtang Pass is 900 and only the Congestion charges of INR 50 is required to be paid in order to obtain the permit.

Do we need a Rohtang Pass permit for bikes?

For a road trip on a motorbike, one must give an undertaking certificate to the SDM office at Manali in order to cross Rohtang pass and obtain the Motor Bike permit*. This undertaking is regarding the safety of the rider. Apart from that, they are required to pay the congestion charge of INR 50 for crossing Gulaba bridge in order to reach Rohtang pass.

*Note: Motorbikes are not allowed for tourism purpose at Rohtang Pass and this permit can be used only to go beyond Rohtang pass. So, in case you are visiting Rohtang pass then do not travel back the same day else you will be imposed of INR 5000 fine on being caught.

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Do we need a Permit while going via Rohtang Pass from Leh by own car?

No. If you are going to Manali from Leh side, then there is no need of permit to cross Rohtang pass. A permit is required only to travel toward Leh/Lahaul-Spiti from Manali.

In case, the tourist is visiting Rohtang Pass for tourism purpose then the permit is mandatory as per the National Green Tribunal guidelines for Rohtang Pass.

What is the procedure to visit Rohtang Pass in Manali?

In order to visit Rohtang Pass, it is absolutely mandatory to obtain the Rohtang permit through the online portal of Tourism Development Council, Manali (HP) or from the SDM office at Manali or directly from the check-post near the Rohtang Pass.

You are required to pay a tax of INR 500 per vehicle and INR 50 per vehicle to cross the Gulaba Bridge. As per the National Green Tribunal, the number of vehicles for tourism purpose is restricted,  which is: 860 petrol vehicles per day & 440 diesel vehicles per day. Also, note that the permits can be obtained online in 2-time frames:

  • 10:00 hrs (220 Diesel and 430 Petrol)
  • 16:00 hrs (220 Diesel and 430 Petrol)

Note: The permits are available on the basis of first come first serve.

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How much time does it take to get from Manali to Rohtang Pass by bike?

To cover the distance of 51 kilometers from Manali town to Rohtang pass, it requires 1.5 hours to 1 hour 50 mins on the bike. Although the route is maintained by the Border Roads Organisation (BRO), a wing of the Defence Ministry and National Highway Authority of India, 

Due to the melting of snow from the peaks during the summers, the road gets muddy and any sudden unnatural waterfalls between the road make it very difficult and dangerous to ride the vehicles.

Can we go camping in Rohtang Pass?

No, due to security reasons and strict NGT guidelines, camping in Rohtang pass is not allowed. By 6 pm in the evening, movement of the vehicle is also restricted and hence visiting or staying at the valley after the sunset is prohibited.

But, one can enjoy the snow and camp at Gulaba which is about 30 kilometers away from Rohtang pass top. Most of the campers or trekkers near to Rohtang Pass prefer staying at Gulaba which is also famous for its scenic beauty.

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When will Rohtang Pass open? When is the best time to Visit Rohtang Pass?

Rohtang pass remains open from March last week or April 1st week till late Octobers or sometime till the first week of November. Due to heavy snowfall during the winters, Rohtang pass remains closed from Mid November till Late February/ March.

The best time to visit Rohtang pass is from the month of May to mid of October.

Rohtang pass remains open during this reason until or unless there is a problem of the landslide. It is the period when the route is safer to travel and the tourists can enjoy all kinds of adventure sports along with the scenic beauty of the valley.

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