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The ‘Mizhiv 2021’ online video competition organized by the Department of Information and Public Relations of Kerala Government is open now. Mizhiv Online Competition aims to reach out to more people for the welfare of state government departments. The last date for an entry is January 31st. More details of the contest, guidelines, price etc are as below:

How to Participate Mizhiv 2021 Videography Competition:


mizhivu video contest 2021 is open

You can register at www.mizhiv.kerala.gov.in for participating in the competition. The theme for Mizhiv 2021 is “The Vision of Development that You Have Seen in Kerala“. The videos can be based on the development and welfare activities of the state government for the last four and a half years.

You can shoot with a professional camera or on a mobile phone. Video can be presented in any form of making, such as fiction / documentary / animation (3D / 2D), stills, or movie.

But the work should be simple and interesting in a way that the common man can understand. Maximum length of videos is 90 seconds. Credits and annotations must be uploaded in full HD (1920 x 1080) mp4 format. You can upload a video using the login ID and password you received when registering.

Competition Guidelines:

  • The theme for the video “The Vision of Development that You Have Seen in Kerala”.
  • Anybody with Indian citizenship can participate in “Mizhiv 2021”.
  • Last date for an entry is Jan 31st 12 midnight.
  • The videos should be uploaded in Full HD (1920×1080). MP4 format. Along with that a description and title of the video should be given.
  • A maximum of only three videos can be uploaded for a registration.
  • The maximum duration of the video is 90 seconds (90 seconds).
  • Video can be presented in any format. It can be using professional camera, shot on mobile, as cartoon, as 3D/2D, in Black and White, still pictures made into movie, as fiction or however you want it. However the creation should be simple and interesting enough for the common man to understand.
  • Leading film and advertising directors will evaluate the videos and determine the winners.

Price for Competition Winners :

  1. The first prize is Rupee’s 1 Lakh, the second prize is Rupee’s 50,000 and the third prize is Rupee’s 25,000.
  2. Incentive prizes of Rupee’s 5,000 each will be given to five people.

Mizhiv 2019 Contest Winners:


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