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Excellence in biodiversity conservation activities in various sectors. The Forest Friendly Awards given by the State Forest Department have been announced. In each district in the forest environment agro-biodiversity areas.

The best performing individuals are the educational institution The award is given to farmers, voluntary organizations and farmers. Vanamitra Award includes Rupees 25,000 cash award.

The winners of the year are as below:

  • Wildlife and Nature Care (Thiruvananthapuram)
  • Coastal Kerala Police Association (Kollam)
  • Madhava Kurup Madhavam, Coconut Adoor (Pathanamthitta)
  • KG Ramesh Pranav. Kandalur South Puthiyavila (Alappuzha)
  • Asokan R Kizhakedathu Anikkadu (Kottayam)
  • K Bulbendran KochuKalayil Sath Kathipara (Idukki).
  • Commanding Officer INS Venduruthy (Ernakulam)
  • Gopalakrishnan KR Kalanparambil hS (Thrissur)
  • GHS Bammannur Paruthippally (Palakkad)
  • Girija Balakrishnan Krishna Thoota Anamangad (Malappuram)
  • Awas Thiruvambadi (KozhiKot)
  • Jayari HS Kalluvayal Pulpally (Wayanad)
  • Shimjith N Kanjirada Thillankeri (Kannur)
  • Abdul Kareem Puliankulam Parappa (Kasargod)


Courtesy (Featured Image): Photo by Fabio Campo

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