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Auto Exposure Bracketing or simply AEB is an Exposure compensation setting that is used to capture images with multiple exposures with a single click. In other words, Auto Exposure Bracketing is used to capture images at different exposure levels with a single click, and then select the optimal image later during post-processing.

Now you may be wondering why AEB or Auto Exposure Bracketing is important in Photography? 

Many digital cameras include Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) option and when this option is selected, the camera automatically takes three or more shots of the same scene with a single click. Of these 3 pics, one of the pics will be of “correct exposure” and one “underexposed” and the last one “overexposed”. This gives photographers the option to merge different parts of the same scene, captured in different exposures during post-processing.

Automatic Exposure Bracketing Settings Canon 80D

Automatic Exposure Bracketing Settings Canon 80D

Auto Exposure Bracketing is very useful for capturing high contrast scenes for HDR and for landscapes.

The advantage of AEB:

  • Without manually changing exposure settings after each shot, one can get all three shots in a single click.
  • No change in the composition, that may happen due to the shifting of exposure settings each time.


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