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As the travel restrictions due to CoVID-19 pandemic are into the 7th month, tourism industry is passing through an unprecedented crisisiith no business and income for the last six.months.



The people dependent on tourism for their livelihood are finding it difficult to make ends meet” As the livelihood of those dependent on tourism is affecied, it i, uury essential to reopen tourism in Kerala and allow tourists to visit Kerala. Moreover, as per the order read as 2nd and 4’h papers above, tourism does not come under the prohibited caiegory. As per the letter read as 3’d paper above, Director of Tourism has propor.d to Government to

open the tourism destinations in Kerala in a phased manner.
2) Government have examined the matter in detail and aie pleased to allow domestic tourists to visit Kerala from the date of issue of this order sub;ect to the Guidelines of IVlinistry of Home Affairs (MHA) ,- SoPs by Ministry of Health & Family welfare (MoHr@, operational Recommendations by Ministiy of Tourism, Guidelines for
.doTgt{t- travel by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and as per the guidelines issrterl by Health and Famjly Welfare Department, Government of Kerala. The domestic tourists visiting Kerala shall observe the foilowing guidelines:



Kerala Tourism Guideline for Domestic Tourists

The domestic tourists visiting Kerala shall observe the following guidelines:

  • The domestic tourists who visit Kerala for short trips (less than 7 days) are exempted from quarantine.
  • All domestic tourists should register in COVID Jagratha Portal.
  • General Administration Department to include tourism short trips (7 days) in Covid 19 jagratha Ponal for all tourists.
  • If for any reason, the tourists plan to extend their stay for more than 7 days in Kerala, they may undergo test at cost on 7″ day from ICMR/State Government approved Laboratories and follow all the COVID 19 health advisories. They must remain in paid quarantine till the test results are out.
  • Avoid travel if symptomatic.
  • Maintain social distancing of 2 meters from everybody throughout their stay in the State and carry sanitizers while traveling.
  • Put on Face Masks.
  • Stay away from elderly and people with morbidity.
  • Persons above 65 years of age, persons with morbidity, pregnant women and children below the age of 10 years are advised to take extra precautions as per MHA
  • Practice hand hygiene at least every half an hour and after touching frequently touched surfaces.
  • Avoid visiting public places / congregations other than the planned purpose of visit and avoid public contact
  • All tourists should pre book their stay in hotel.
  • Tourists to have a prearranged specific itinerary for the visit.
  • Encourage online purchase of entry tickets to National Parks/Wildlife sanctuaries, monuments.
  • Allotted time slots by any facility/tourist attraction/activity should be followed by all tourists for the convenience of service providers and other
  • Tourists should avoid handling cash as much as possible.
  • Payments may be done through digital
  • Do self-symptom surveillance during their stay in State (Fever, cough, sore throat, diarrhea, loss of smell/taste, fatigue (for smell test-smell coffee and look for alteration in perception of smell)) and contact DISHA Toll Free Number: 1056 if they develop symptoms and follow health advisory.
  • Anybody who develop any of the above-mentioned symptoms (even if mild) to remain in strict isolation
  • The domestic tourists who visit the State for more than 7 days have to produce a COVID negative certificate (RTPCR test/Rapid Antigen test within 48 hrs prior to arrival from ICMR/State Government approved laboratory) or undergo Rapid Antigen Test/RTPCR Test at cost on arrival in the State from ICMR/State Government approved laboratories and test negative.
  • The domestic tourists who visit the State for more than 7 days and have not produced the test results of COVID testing within 48 hours prior to the entry or not tested after the entry in Kerala shall undergo 7 days quarantine and can be tested on the 7″ day after arrival and if tested negative, further quarantine of 7 days is optional and not mandatory, since 14 days quarantine is desirable as per Health protocol.
  • Those who don’t get tested on the 7th day would be advised to continue on quarantine for the remaining 7 days and complete a total of 14 days in quarantine.

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