Waterfalls in Thrissur Kerala

Athirapally waterfalls Kerala

Thrissur, the land of puram is also famous for the majestic beauty of waterfalls. The Athirapally waterfalls, know to be one of the best waterfalls in India is situated at Thrissur District of Kerala. Other than Athirapaly, we have few more waterfalls that reside in and around Thrissur. Let’s have a brief look on the waterfalls in Thrissur down below.

Waterfalls in Thrissur:

  • Athirapally Waterfalls
  • Vazhachal waterfalls
  • Charpa waterfalls
  • Waterfalls of Marotichal, including Olakkayam Waterfalls and Ilanjippara Waterfalls
  • Pattathipara

Athirapally waterfalls:

Athirapally waterfalls
Athirapally Waterfalls [Image © “Athirappilly waterfalls November 2013” by rusticus80 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0]

Located at the southeastern part of the district, Athirapally Waterfalls is one of the best waterfalls in India. The waterfall is active throughout the seasons and it attracts tourists from all over India and even foreigners also.

Athirapally waterfall is situated on Chalakkudy river which starts from the Sholayar ranges of Western Ghats. If you wish to see the waterfall with the full potential, we will ask you for a ride to the waterfalls, right after the monsoon rain.

Athirapally is about 60 km from Thrissur and about 63 km from Ernakulam.

Charpa waterfalls:

Charpa Waterfalls Kerala
Charpa Waterfalls Kerala [photo by Nandha Kumar Shared via CC0 Creative Commons License]
After crossing a little distance from Athripally towards Valparai route, you will see a waterfall on the left side of the road, the Charpa Waterfalls. Charpa Waterfalls is situated in between Athirapally Waterfalls and Vazhachal Waterfalls. The view of the waterfalls is scienic and its always good to take a stop there and roam arround.

Vazhachal waterfalls:

Vazhachal waterfalls Entrance
Vazhachal waterfalls Entrance [Image © “Entrance to vazhachal waterfall” by Sandhya Govind is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0]
Lying in not more than 5kms from Athirapally, Vazhachal Waterfalls is entirely different from its preceedings. Rather classifing it as a waterfall, I would say its a stream cascading down the rocks in slope. There is also a Botanical garden situated at Vazhachal with benches arround to sit and enjoy the waterfalls.

Marotichal Waterfalls/Waterfalls at Marottichal:

Marotichal Waterfalls is about 20 kms from Thrissur and 76 kms from Eranakulam. The waterfalls at Marottichal which is situated inside the forest, have so far stayed as a secret and were not exposed.

Marotichal Waterfalls includes:

  • Olakkayam Waterfalls &
  • Ilanjippara Waterfalls

Olakkayam Waterfalls:

Marottichal Ilanjippara Waterfalls
Marottichal Olakkayam Waterfalls

Olakkayam Waterfalls is about 5-10min walk from from the main road. The walkway by the side of the canal leads to the waterfalls. Olakkayam is a refreshing place where you can step into the water without a second thought. Its also observerd that wild elephants frequently roam here for water and food.

Ilanjippara Waterfalls:

Marottichal Ilanjippara Waterfalls THRISSUR
Marottichal Ilanjippara Waterfalls

Ilanjippara Waterfalls, the largest & the scenic of both is about 4kms from Olakkayam Waterfalls. The stream flowing down the rocks inside the forest ofers a mesmarising feeling for nature loving people. We need to trek through the forest arround 4kms inorder to reach the waterfalls. The trek continues thought the walk way of wild elephants so visitors need be careful when passing through these area as you may not notice them all time. And its always advisable to go in groups as multiple pathways exist and some will confuse you for sure.

The best time to visit Ilanjippara Waterfall is between September and February right afer the heavy monsoon rains.

NB: Entry to Ilanjippara Waterfall is restricted by Forest Officers, due to a recent Security Incident.(Last Updated: Feb 2018)

Pattathippara Waterfalls:

Situated arround 12 kms from Thrissur town Pattathipara waterfalls is not a well known spot for all.

Pattathippara is a cascade waterfall, where water descends in a series of rock steps.”Pattathi” in Malayalam means a Brahmin girl and “para” means rock. During the early times, its said that women used to come to this forest for collecting twigs for cooking purposes. Once, a Brahmin girl came to this forest alone to collect twigs in the evening. On her return, she slipped from a rock and fell in to this waterfall and died. From then onwards the forest and the waterfalls are called by the name Pattathippara.

Pattathippara a small waterfall and you may need to trek arround 2 kms to reach the waterfalls. Be careful of the broken bear bottles(that nasty people throws) and its always safe to return before dawn, as this area is remote.

From Thrissur town, head towards Chemboothra on the Thrissur-Palakkad highway and from Chemboothra, it is only two kilometers to Pattathippara

Hope you have enjoyed the article on the waterfalls in Thrissur. if you ran up into any questions, please post them in the comments section below and we will reply you back.

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