Uluppuni- Off roading trail

Uluppuni- Off roading trail near Vagamon

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Uluppuni is one of the emerging offroading destination near Vagamon in Idukki, district of Kerala. Uluppuni is situated around 10km from Vagamon and is towards Pulikanam route from Vagamon.

Uluppuni- Off roading trail near Vagamon
the Off roading trail

There are two routes to reach Uluppuni viewpoint. One is through Vagamon -> Chottupara Junction, if you are coming from Erattupetta, Kottayam. And the other through Kanjar-> Moolamattam-> Chottupara Junction, if you are coming from Thodupuza, Idukki. Both the routes are meant for pure off-roading, which will offer you a certain level of adventure.

Uluppuni top point
Uluppuni top point

Almost 7 km needs to be covered in this off-road trail to reach the viewpoint. The major attraction of Uluppuni is the picturesque meadows and the view of Kulamavu Dam reservoir covered with the reserve forest.

Uluppuni View Point Kulamavu Dam view
the Kulamavu Dam Reservoir view

The Malayalam movie – Iyobinte Pusthakam (The book of Iyob), known to be a periodic drama set in the mid-20th century, directed by the prominent director Amal Neerad has plenty of scenes shot at Uluppuni.

Uluppuni- Off roading long viewn
the view from the top

Ulupunni is one of its kind for off-roading trips. We would definitely recommend this place to all off-roaders who just love to dip in the pleasure of adventure. Sathram is another off-roading location in Idukki, which we think is similar to Ulupunni. Sathram is about 60kms from Uluppuni View Point.

Uluppuni- Off roading trail
Uluppuni- Off roading trail
Uluppuni- Off roading trail road
the  Off-roading trail road
Uluppuni meadows- view
the view from the top of the meadows
Uluppuni meadows
the view from the top of the meadows

Basic information:

Name: Uluppuni (Malayalam: ഉളുപ്പുണി)
Other Names:  NIL
District: Idukki, Kerala
Famous for:  Off Roading, Trekking
Entry Fees:  NIL
Vehicle Entry Fees: NIL
Camera  Fees:  NIL
Best Season to Visit Uluppuni: Since the area is covered with lush green meadows and not trees, it would be advisable to avoid the trip during heavy rainy days hot summer day

Nearest Towns: Vagamon, about 10kms & Erattupeta, about 25km away
Nearest Railway station: Kottayam Railway Station, about 75km away
Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport, about 85km away

How to Reach Uluppuni:

Ulupuni is advisable to be visited with a 4*4 vehicle. Jeep safaris are also available form Vagamon at a nominal cost. You can use you two-wheelers also for this trail, but during extreme weather condition, you should take the necessary precautions before planning the trip.

From Kottayam: Kottayam -> Erattupetta -> Theekoy -> Vagamon -> Chottupara Junction -> Uluppuni View Point
From Ernakulam: Ernakulam ->Thodupuza -> Kanjar-> Chottupara Junction-> Uluppuni View Point

Nearby Attractions of Uluppuni: