Thalikulam Snehatheeram Beach- Best Beach in Kerala

Thalikulam Snehatheeram_sky view

           Thalikulam Snehatheeram Beach (Thrissur, Kerala, India) or simply Snehatheeram (Eng: Love Shore) is a beach which lies on the coast of Arabian Sea. It is located at Thalikulam which is 25 km from Thrissur in the state Kerala, India. The beach is well maintained by the Department of Tourism, Kerala and had won the best beach tourism destination by the Department of Tourism, Kerala in the year 2010.

Thalikulam Snehatheeram Beach Evening View
Thalikulam Snehatheeram Beach Evening View

The Snehatheeram Beach is a perfect picnic spot and weekday or weekend destiny to spend the day or evening. Department of Tourism, Kerala offers good facilities for enjoying the beach and hence it attracts domestic tourists in every season. The beach offers a children’s park and it house an aquarium with a huge variety of marine flora and also it has a well-maintained garden and tiled walkway throughout the area. Visitors can enjoy the sandy shore, the beach park and lovely sunsets which makes its best of its kind.

Thalikulam Snehatheeram Beach Images:

Thalikulam Snehatheeram Beach Entrance
Thalikulam Snehatheeram Beach Entrance
Thalikulam Snehatheeram Beach Entrance Gate
Thalikulam Snehatheeram Beach Entrance Gate

Location Info:

Name: Thalikulam Snehatheeram or Snehatheeram or Love Shore.
Place: Thalikulam, Thrissur District in Kerala, India.
Open Hours: All day.
Entry Fees: Rs. 10 for adult and Rs. 5 for children.

How to Reach Snehatheeram Beach :

  • Nearest railway station: Thrissur, about 16 km away.
  • Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport, about 46 km away.


Places to Visit Near Snehatheeram Beach:

  • Dreamworld Water Park (47.5 km from Snehatheeram)
  • Shakthan Thampuran Palace (24.8 km from Snehatheeram)
  • Nehru Park, Thrissur (0.0 km from Snehatheeram)
  • Poomala Dam (35.6 km from Snehatheeram)
  • Archaeological Museum, Thrissur (26.2 km from Snehatheeram)
  • Vilangan Hills (27.7 km from Snehatheeram)
  • Ilanjippara Waterfalls (0.0 km from Snehatheeram)
  • Peechi Wildlife Sanctuary (44.2 km from Snehatheeram)
  • Peechi Dam (44.2 km from Snehatheeram)

Image Credit © to Madhu Kannan via Flickr
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