Silent Valley Trekking Packages

Silent Valley National Park

Silent Valley National Park, Palakkad is probably one of the most magnificent gifts of nature to mankind, a unique preserve of tropical rainforests in all its pristine glory with an almost unbroken ecological history. Silent Valley is closed on all sides with high and continuous ridges and steep escarpments and is the core area of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. The river Kunthi descends from the Nilgiri Hills above an altitude of 2000 m and traverses the entire length of the valley finally rushing down to the plains through a deep gorge.

Silent Valley Trekking:

Silent Valley National Park offers treks such as Karuvara Trekking, Keerippara Trekking & Boomiyampadi Stay Package inside the Sanctuary. In Silent Valley visitors get to traverse through the myriad forest types in the national park.

More details on Silent Valley trekking packages are down below:

1. Karuvara Trekking:

Karuvara is a small waterfall in the Panthamthodu region which is about 5 Km away from Mukkali. Visitors who are interested in trekking can opt this 4 hr trekking program. The maximum number of persons in one group is five and a minimum number of three members is required for this trek. Each of these groups will be accompanied by a guide.

This trekking gives the participants an opportunity for birding and juvenilizing feel the vibrant nature in her pristine purity and enchanting glamour.

The trekking programme is available from 9 AM to 3 PM and bathing is not permitted in Kuruvara waterfall.The recommended season for visiting the area is from August to September & December to March, avoiding peak monsoon & summer seasons.

NB: Availability of this programme will depend on weather conditions. Advance booking is necessary for this programme.

2. Keerippara Trekking:

Keerippara is about 5km from Mukkali and it is one of the best options for visitors who are interested in wildlife. There is a small watchtower in an abandoned teak plantation which is definitely the foraging ground of wild animals.

The maximum number of persons in one group is five and each group will be accompanied by a guide. This trail is through a mosaic of forest types in the buffer zone of the Park. It takes the traveler through evergreen and moist deciduous forests before reaching the sprawling secondary grasslands at Keerippara. The time span for the trek is 3-4 hrs. This trail offers a good opportunity for bird watching and butterfly gazing.

NB: Advance booking is necessary for this programme.

3. Boomiyampadi Package – Bommiyampadi Stay & Trek

Bommiyampadi is a beautiful place which is located about 13 km north east of Mukkali. The Bommiyampadi package aims at nature lovers who would love to stay in the ambiance of nature and visit Silent Valley.

The visitors will be provided with ambient accommodation in a forest cottage inclusive of food. Also, the package includes the ticket charges, vehicle facility for the trips including the guide. Also, you will get a complimentary gift from Silent Valley eco-shop. For availing this packages, the visitors have to reach Mukkali by the afternoon and check-in so that the Silent Valley safari will be arranged on the very next day.

NB: Visitors who reach Mukkali at morning can avail a 3-hour trekking programme at Rs.170/- per person with a working lunch at Mukkali.

4. Sairandhri Trip

In Sairandhri package, the visitors will be taken to Sairandhri, from where the core area of the National Park begins which is about 23 KM away from Mukkali. Minibus(24 seaters)/jeep facility will be available at Silent Valley Information Centre, Mukkali for this trip, which needs to be booked over the phone in advance. Enroute visitors can enjoy various forest types starting from moist deciduous to evergreen.

Visiting hours for Sairandhri trip is from 8.00 AM to 1.00 PM. At Sairandhri visitors can trek up to the banks of River Kunthi which is about 1.2 Km away(Bathing is not permitted in Kunthi River). Also, Visitors can enjoy the scenic beauty of Silent valley landscape from the top of the 100 feet tall watch tower. The time span of the entire trip is 5 hrs.

NB: Advance booking is necessary for this programme.

Silent Valley Trekking Packages:

Package Name: Package Details: Cost: Additional Details:
Karuvara Trekking Trekking to Karuvara Waterfalls Rs.215 / Person (Minimum 3 persons) Single Person can visit the waterfall by paying Rs 300 + Rs 15 = Rs 315. Time Span: 3-4 hrs.
Keerippara Trekking Trekking to Karuvara Waterfalls Rs.215 / Person (Minimum 3 persons) Single Person can visit the waterfall by paying Rs 300 + Rs 15 = Rs 315. Time Span: 3-4 hrs.
Boomiyampady Cottage accommodation at Boomiyampadi / day For 2 persons:4000/-
For 3 persons:5200/-
For 4 persons:6200/-For additional members :
Adult: Rs.650/ person
Child: Rs.350/ Person (Age between 5 to 12)
Check in time at Mukkali: 3 pm
Check out time from Bommayampadi: 3 pm
Sairandri Trip Jeep/Mini Bus Ride to the Watch Tower and Small Trek to Kunthi River By Bus: Rs 215/  person( Group Booking only Minimum 20 Persons)
By Jeep: Rs 1100 + Rs 60 /person Maximum 5 Persons
Time Span: 5hrs

Silent Valley Trek Booking:

You can dial on the contact number of Silent Valley Information Center: +91 8589895652 (08.00 am to 05.00 pm IST) for booking any of the trekking packages or for any information related to the ecotourism activities.  Else You can write to the below contacts:

For entry permission and other assistance:
Assistant Wildlife Warden,
Silent Valley National Park Range
Mukkali, Palakkad, Kerala, India
Pin: 678582
Tel: 04924 – 253225

For accommodation:
Wildlife Warden,
Silent Valley Division
Mannarkkad, Palakkad, Kerala, India
Pin: 678582
Tel: +91 4924 222056

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