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Tented Niche Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

Parambikulam Forest Stay & Trekking Packages

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Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary lies in between the Anamalai hills and Nelliampathy hills and is the one of the most protected ecological zone in Western Ghats. With its panoramic landscape, cascading waterfalls, meandering streams with extensive water spread over the reservoir, hills etc Parambikulam is one of the most eye catching place in Kerala.  Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary is located in Chittoor, Palakkad and it covers an area of 277.40 and it also provide Parambikulam Forest Stay inside the divine forest.

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve
Moring at Parambikulam Tiger Reserve [Image © “Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, in the Mornings” by Parambikulam Tiger Conservation Foundation is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0]
Formed on the year 1973 the forest type of Parambikulam Tiger reserve includes West Coast Tropical Ever green Forests, Moist Decidious Forests, Dry decidious forests, Teak plantations and Shola forests. The sanctuary also possesses three man made reservoirs named as Parambikulam, Thunakadavu & Peruvarippallam.

Flora & Fauna of Prambikulam:

1408 species of flowering plants which includes 67 species of orchids, 80 species of grass family and about 285 species of endemic, rare and endangered species. Haplothismia exannulata, amonotypic genus of Burmanniaceae rediscovered from the sanctuary after 1951.

There are 36 species of mammals, 268 species of birds , 61 species of reptiles, 16 species of amphigians, 47 species of fishes and 1049 species of insects found in the sanctuary. The common animals found are Leopard, Elephant, Gaur, Spotted Deer, Sambar, Barkingdeer, Common Langur, Nilgiri Langur, Malabar giant squirrel, Sloth Bear and Wild dog. Common birds are Drongos, Bee-eaters, Treepies, Mynas, Woodpeckers, Kingfishers and birds of prey.

Common reptiles are pythons, cobras, pitvipers, tortoises etc. The rare species include Tiger, Lion-Tailed macaque, Mouse deer, Nilgiri Tahr, Nilgiri Marten, Gread Pied Hornbill, Penisnsular Bay Owl, King Cobra, Flying Snake, Cane turtle

Key Attractions of Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary:

Kannimara Teak is one of the worlds largest living teak tree (about 360 years old.) found in Parambikulam with amazing girth of 7.02 m and height of 39.98 m. This tree was awarded “Maha Virksha puraskar” by Government of India during the year 1994-95.

According to the local tribal belief, when this tree was tried to cut down, blood spurted out from the place of cut. And ever since then its been named as Kannimara(Virgin Tree) where ‘ Kanni’ means ‘Virgin’ and ‘mara’m means ‘tree’ and is worshipped by the local tribes in Parambikulam.

Kannimara Teak Parambikulam Tiger Reserve
Kannimara Teak Parambikulam Tiger Reserve [Image © “Kannimara Teak Parambikulam 003” by PP Yoonus ( is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0]
Other attractions of Parambikulam includes the following:

  • Thuvaiar Waterfalls
  • Wildlife Interpretation Centre
  • Wildlife Trekking
  • Nature Camps &
  • Jungle Camping

Stay at Parambikulam/Parambikulam Forest stay packages:

There are six night stay options available in Parambikulam tiger reserve, which can be booked over phone or from the official portal. The details of the packages are down below:

Tented Niche Parambikulam Tiger Reserve
Tented Niche Parambikulam Tiger Reserve [Image © “Tented Niche Accommodation at Parambikulam Tiger Reserve” by Parambikulam Tiger Conservation Foundation is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0]
  • Tented Niche – Camping in tents completes the feelings of a jungle. This jungle stay offers accomodation in a luxurious swiss tents, spacious enough for a family. Bathroom attached to the tents, adds the privacy and convenience of the guests.
  • Honey Comp – Stay in a luxurious old English Bungalow, which is Air conditioned for an extra coolness. Common dining space, which is built with the traditional tribal construction thatched style method using the bamboo leaves. It is open to teak plantations and is very near to Parambikulam reservoir. Attached bathroom and hot water facility is there with each room is also available.
  • Tree Hut, Thunnakadavu – Thunnakadavu tree top is located on the banks of Thunnakadavu reservoir. Gives you experience of a tree top hut and similar experience of a house boat. View from the balcony tree top hut spreads to the ample area reservoir as well as the dense forest in the background.
  • Treetop Hut, Parambikulam – Located in the amidst of teak plantations gives an amble view to the large woods from the balcony. Most of the time you will be busy hearing the sings of birds which will sooth you mind and refresh your thoughts. It is located in a walk-able distance from the honeycomb complex.
  • Veetikunnu Island – Veettikunnu Island nest located in the island of Parambikulam reservoir. This island is far enough to row the boat around for one and half hours. You will be from from any disturbance (even you will not get any mobile signal too) and can spend a peaceful time with your loved ones.
  • Peruvari Island Nest – Peruvari island hut, for those would like to spend a time in a secluded place, where the reach to this place is only through a half an hour bamboo raft. The location of the hut, gives you ample view to the surrounding water body in the reservoir and greenery of the forest in the background. Island hut is spacious enough to accommodate 4 person luxuriously. Bathroom is attached to this high rise island nest.

Cost and itinerary details of the above programmes are down below:

Programme Name Check In/Check Out Cost(Adult) Children Aged between 5 and 10: Package Includes
Tented Niche Check in : 12:00 PM Check Out : Next day 10.30 AM Week Days: Rs.6100(Indians) & Rs.9700(Foreigners)  Holidays: Rs.7300(Indians) & Rs.12100(Foreigners) Extra Per head: Rs.1800(Indians) & Rs.2400(Foreigners)  Rs.600(Indians) & Rs.1200(Foreigners) Package includes:Lunch, Tea & Snacks, Dinner, Drinking Water, Jungle Safari in Van, Accompanying Naturalist Guide , Bamboo Raftinf, Tribal Symbhony, Trekking/Bird Watching.
Honey Comp Check in : 12:00 PM Check Out : Next day 10.30 AM Week Days: Rs.5000(Indians) & Rs.7300(Foreigners)
Holidays: Rs.6100(Indians) & Rs.8500(Foreigners)
Extra Per head: Rs.1800(Indians) & Rs.1800(Foreigners)
Rs.600(Indians) & Rs.600(Foreigners) Breakfast, Lunch, Tea & Snacks, Dinner, Drinking Water.
Treetop Hut, Thunnakadavu Check in : 12:00 PM Check Out : Next day 10.30 AM Week Days: Rs.4800(Indians) & Rs.7300(Foreigners)
Holidays: Rs.6100(Indians) & Rs.9700(Foreigners)
Extra Per head: Rs.1800(Indians) & Rs.1800(Foreigners)
Rs.600(Indians) & Rs.600(Foreigners) Breakfast, Lunch, Tea & Snacks, Dinner, Drinking Water.
Treetop Hut, Parambikulam Check in : 12:00 PM Check Out : Next day 10.30 AM Week Days: Rs.3000(Indians) & Rs.3600(Foreigners)
Holidays: Rs.3600(Indians) & Rs.6100(Foreigners)
Extra Per head: Rs.1200(Indians) & Rs.1200(Foreigners)
Rs.600(Indians) & Rs.600(Foreigners) Breakfast, Lunch, Tea & Snacks, Dinner, Drinking Water.
Veetikunnu Island Check in : 12:00 PM Check Out : Next day 10.30 AM Week Days: Rs.9100(Indians) & Rs.10300(Foreigners)
Holidays: Rs.9700(Indians) & Rs.12100(Foreigners)
Extra Per head: Rs.0(Indians) & Rs.0(Foreigners)
Rs.0(Indians) & Rs.0(Foreigners) Accommodation, Drinking Water.
Peruvari Island Nest Check in : 12:00 PM Check Out : Next day 10.30 AM Week Days: Rs.6000(Indians) & Rs.8000(Foreigners)
Holidays: Rs.8000(Indians) & Rs.10000(Foreigners)
Extra Per head: Rs.1800(Indians) & Rs.2200(Foreigners)
Rs.600(Indians) & Rs.1100(Foreigners) Accommodation, Drinking Water.


Trekking at Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

There are four trekking packages available at Parambikulama Tiger Reserve. The packages details are down below:

  • Elephant Song Trekking Trail
  • Pugmark Trekking Trail
  • Bearpath Trekking Trail
  • Jungle Safari
Programme Name Cost(Adult) Cost(Children Aged between 5 and 10) Package includes
Elephant Song Trekking Trail Rs.1200(Indians) & Rs.2400(Foreigners) Rs.200(Indians) & Rs.500(Foreigners) Tea & Snacks
Pugmark Trekking Trail: Rs.3600(Indians) & Rs.6100(Foreigners) Rs.0(Indians) & Rs.0(Foreigners) Breadkfast, Lunch, Drinking Water, Tea & Snacks, Dinner
Bearpath Trekking Trail Rs.1200(Indians) & Rs,2400(Foreigners) Rs.200(Indians) & Rs.500(Foreigners)
Jungle Safari Rs.200/-(Indians) & Rs.200/-(Foreigners) Rs.0/-(Indians) & Rs.0/-(Foreigners)  Jungle Safari in Van with Naturalist Guide

How to reach Parambikulam:

Parambikulam is only accessible by the road from Pollachi, Tamil Nadu. Pollachi to Parambikkulam is about 65 km and Tamil Nadu STC have two bus trips between Pollachi and Parambikulam. Kerala SRTC also ply bus between Palakkad and Parambikulam.

How to Book Parambikulam jungle safari/Stay Packages:

If you wish for a jungle safari, travellers have to step down at Anappady to purchase the tickets at Information centre for getting the tickets or they can book the tickets from the official booking portal

Private vehicles are allowed inside the tiger reserve only if they have opted for jungle camping programmes inside the tiger reserve. Also please note that 2 wheelers and 3 wheelers are not allowed inside the santuary. So if you wish to stay, don’t mind to come in 4 wheeler.

Place Details:

Name: Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary
Other Names: Nil
District: Palakkad, Kerala
Known for: Flora & fauna, Wildlife Trekking & Camping
Best time to visit: October to March
Official Website:
By Road: 100km from Palakkad, 84 km from Coimbatore, and 38 km from Pollachi.
Nearest Airport:
Nearest Railway Station: Coimbatore (84 km), Palakkad (100km.)

Contact Details:
The Wild Life Warden,
Parambikulam Wildlife Division
Anappad, Via Pollachi, Palakkad
Phone: 04253 277233 Mobile:9447979102

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