Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary trekking into the wildlife

Chimmony Dam View Point

Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary is established in 1984 and is situated in the Thrissur District of Kerala. The headquarters of the sanctuary is at Echippara which is about 41 km from Thrissur. Chimmini WLS lies in contiguous with the Peechi-Vazhani Sanctuary,  covering an area of 85.067

Chimmini Wildlife Sanctuary is considered as Tropical Evergreen Forests and there are 39 species of mammals, 160 species of birds, 25 species of reptiles, 14 species of amphibians, and 31 species of fishes, found in the Sanctuary. The common mammals found are Tiger, Leopard, sloth bear, Elephant, Nilgiri Langur, Sambar,  bonnet macaque, barking deer, slender loris porcupine etc.

Chimmony Dam:

Chimmony Dam is constructed across the Chimmony river at 75 m above the sea level. The dam provides a picturesque view of the surrounding area and is frequented by locals and foreigners.

Place Details:

Name: Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary (Malayalam: ചിമ്മിണി വന്യജീവി സങ്കേതം)
Other Names:   Chimmini Wildlife Sanctuary
District:  Thrissur, Kerala
Area: 85.067
Best time to visit Chimmini Wildlife Sanctuary: November to April.
Nearest Bus station:  Chimmony Bus Stand(less than 1km)
Nearest Railway station:  Thrissur Railway Station(about 38km)
Nearest Airport:  Cochin International Airport(about 64km)


Chimmony Jungle Camping Packages  & Chimmony Trekking Packages:

Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary Trekking and Camping Packages
Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary Trekking and Camping Packages

Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary can be visited for a day or two and hands-on exploration includes treks and camping in the sanctuary. More details on the trekking and camping packages can be found at Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary Trekking and Camping Packages

How to Reach Chimmini Wildlife Sanctuary:

Chimmony Sanctuary is about 41 Kms from Thrissur Town and about 86km from Ernakulam. When traveling from Ernakulam on NH 544( Salem -Kochi Highway) one should take right at Puthukkad signal towards Chimmony.

Chimmony Dam is about 26kms from Puthukkad and the road from Puthukkad crosses Varandrappilly & Palappilly before reaching Chimmony.  There are also buses services from Thrissur till Chimmini Dam.

By Own Transport: Ernakulam -> Aluva-> Angamaly -> Chalakkudy -> Puthukkad -> Chimmni WLS (about 86km)


Nearby Attractions of Chimmini Sanctuary:

We will be sharing our experience on the Chimmony trek in Kerala Travelogues section soon. Also, you can use the Contact form for any queries.

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